Brookenstein: CD REVIEW of Dave Mullen’s “Mahoney’s Way”

This is the latest release by the funky jazz saxophonist Dave Mullen.  He and 
his band BUTTA throw down some serious smooth flavor on this project, including 
some funny dialogue & background vocals by Snakefoot (aka Eric-Jay, formerly of 

Rating (out of 10):   9

Here is a breakdown of the CD:   

1)  FLIP IT:  A great soulful jazz tune driven by some of the best soulful piano 
work, interwined with very interesting saxophone riffing by the one and only 
Dave Mullen.

2)  MAHONEY'S WAY:  Starts off some funky bass and turntable scratching, 
followed by nice rhythm guitar riffs and Snakefoot's dialogue on having a "loaf 
of bread in a club but he needed some butta...'cuz butta IS the flavor".  Most 
of the song is a seriously funky uptempo cut, punctuated with Dave's uplifting 
sax riffs!!

3)  CHASE AWAY THE RAIN:  Very good mid-tempo soul tune featuring lead vocals by 
Courtney Bradley...the lyrics are somewhat spiritual in nature...making it easy 
to listen to, as opposed to some of the raunchier lyrics in some of the new 
artists's songs.   ONE NOTE:  I find it pretty interesting that the melody of 
the chorus almost reminds me of the verse portion of Michael Jackson's "I Can't 
Help It".

4)  LIKE RASHAAN:  a great soul-jazz track with good sax.

5)  AS:  Good rendition of Stevie Wonder classic, with some good scratch rhythm 
guitar thrown in for good measure.  Courtney returns to lead vocal status 
towards the end of the song.

6)  PRAYER FOR OUR TIMES:  a song that featured a programmed drum track, heavy 
drum riffing and flute playing...this is a prayer for everyone to come together 
and join as one, before it's too late.

7)  TRUE BELIEVER:  good R&B ballad featuring lead vocals by Lisala Beatty.

8)  SENORA CASA:  slow-tempo jazz tune that reminds of Madhouse, the jazz group 
that Prince established back in 1987.

9)  LOST SOULS:  nice soul ballad featuring Lisala on lead vocals.

10)  SQUID:   another scorcher of a funk-jazz "Mahoney's Way".

11)  MARCH OF THE ROACHES:  subdued funk-jazz track with some good bass playing 
and turnable stratching.  Snakefoot is in the background, singing "March of the 

12)  BEWITCHED:  more subdued jazz track with just the keyboards, guitar and